This is what people have to say about Hypnobirthing…

“Dear Margaux, I am just finally getting in touch to say thank you very much for everything you did to prep me for the birth of Felix.  

I went into labour early on Wednesday 29th and the TENS machine was great whilst I was at home. I went in to hospital at about 4.30pm and James timed it perfectly (your lessons definitely worked!) Once there I took the decision to have an epidural and at 11.30pm I agreed that my waters should be broken. Afterwards, my labour picked up without the need for any synthetic drugs and I started pushing around 9.30am. He finally arrived safe and sound at 11.48am on the 30th. I was very pleased to have no stitches and a healthy, happy boy!

 We just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you did. Hypnobirthing helped so, so much in the run up when I was panicking. It made me feel in control which was exactly what I needed for that final 5 week stint.

 We are so glad we took your sessions - every penny was definitely worth it! ! I was the most sceptical person when it came to Hypnobirthing but I am so glad we got you involved on the other side – Thank you!” - CLARE, London

“I have been present at KGHypnobirthing births and seen how in control the women are, and how also the partners are a lot calmer and able to help, and what a difference it really does make to the start of parenthood for them.” - MIDWIFE, London

“I had always been daunted by the prospect of birth but numerous conversations with Margaux gave me the strength to believe in myself. The power of Hypnobirthing really is incredible and I am sure I have Margaux to thank for the amazing birth experience I had. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.” - TASH, London

“Thanks so much for your valuable class; I had the most amazing birth, probably the best night of my life.” - MOTHER, London

“Hypnobirthing changes and empowers both the mother and the father, and has the most profound effect on the baby which will last a lifetime.” - MOTHER, London

“Hypnobirthing helped me to feel confident and empowered both in the lead up to giving birth and during labour. I loved the fact it taught me what my body would be doing and then gave me the tools to work with it. It’s the first thing I tell my pregnant friends about!” - JESS, Oxford

“The thing about Hypnobirthing, is that it works.” - FATHER, London

“Although my birth didn’t go ‘to plan’, Hypnobirthing meant I felt informed, in control and calm throughout the whole birth experience. Having done the course with my husband, I had total confidence in his ability to make decisions for us when I couldn’t.” - IZZY, Anglesey